FPT inaugurated a new office last week in Toulouse, home of aviation giant Airbus and also the European capital of aeronautics and space industries.

The new office is conveniently situated inside Airbus’s Skywise campus, next to big IT names including Palantir Technologies, IBM, CGI, and Capgemini. These four companies, as well as FPT, were handpicked by Airbus to deploy its open data platform Skywise.

“Our colleagues are working alongside the world’s finest brains on artificial intelligence, big data analytics and cloud computing to change the global aviation industry”, FPT’s Chairman Dr. Truong Gia Binh affirmed proudly. “The opening of our new office in Toulouse is a testament to the fact that Vietnamese firms can compete globally”, he said.

According to Mr. Mathew Evans, Airbus Director of Global Skywise Project, the two companies have collaborated comprehensively and extensively. “Skywise is a global aviation industry project”, he said, “we are in this together not only at the early stage but also set for a long future ahead”.

FPT Software and Airbus signed a letter of intent in mid-December 2017 to develop advanced technologies in aviation based on Airbus’s Skywise platform. Three months later, the two reached a new deal to further strengthen the Skywise ecosystem in Asia. This agreement made FPT the first Southeast Asian firm to become Airbus’s strategic partner in digital transformation.

Launched at the Paris Airshow 2017, Skywise is the “beating heart of aviation”. In time, Airbus aims to extend Skywise to become the data platform of reference for all major aviation players, helping them to improve operational performance and support their digital transformation. FPT currently has nearly 100 engineers working with Airbus on this project and sets to triple the number of team members in a near future.

FPT’s Toulouse office is operated by FPT Software Europe SARL, headquartered in Paris. With a global presence spanning 33 countries and territories, FPT has attributed overseas markets to its rapid growth in the past decades. In 2018, the company recorded more than a billion dollars in revenue, 39 percent of which came from overseas markets.

FPT opens new office inside Airbus's campus in Toulouse, France