fpt-forbes-2015FPT was recently announced to be ranked among Forbes’ Top 50 companies listed on HOSE and HNX in 2015. The company has been picked as the only tech firm among Forbes Vietnam’s Top 50 for 4 years in a row. The magazine selected the companies of all sizes with the best business performance in 13 sectors. FPT was the only representative of the technology industry with $1.8 billion in revenue and over $120 million profit after tax in 2015.

Currently, FPT is present in 19 countries worldwide including the US, Japan, Singapore and Europe. Its revenue from global activities also has been increased by 30-40% in recent years.

To formulate the list, Forbes Vietnam used its own method with the consideration of specific characters of local businesses under the basis of the audited financial statements in five years in a row and the fiscal year 2015 of all the companies. Most of the companies in this list were traded on the southern bourse of HCM Stock Exchange (HoSE), only five companies were listed on the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX). Compared to last year, 2016’s list has 10 new companies.

According to Forbes Vietnam, which rated the best listed for the fourth time, the list this year reflected changes in the economy. The companies related to the consumer industry continued to thrive and the recovery of the real estate market saw the realty industry bounce back in the stock market. On the contrary, low prices of oil and gas that resulted in lower revenues and profits of related companies pulled out all stocks of the industry from this year’s list.