FPT Japan discusses AI applications in Japan

FPT on Tuesday joined nearly 70 members of the Society of Project Management (SPM) in Japan to discuss artificial intelligence applications and lessons learned from AI projects.

The five-hour event gathered a full house of participants at the National Institute of Informatics building in Tokyo. FPT Japan was invited to speak  by Mr. Masayuki Kajiyama, a board member of AI Research Association under SPM. Other speakers included IBM Japan, Sony Network Communications, NTT Data, and ABeam Consulting.

FPT Japan representative Nguyen Dong Dung shared with the conference the rising demand for digital transformation as well as AI projects that have been deployed for clients. The company has leveraged AI expertise and young experts to help businesses transform their processes, enhance customer experience, and create new business models, he said.

IBM Japan contributed an insightful presentation on the history and future potential of AI, with a focus on Cognitive Computing. The speaker mentioned IBM Watson as a new era of computing based on its ability to interact in natural language, process vast amounts of big data, and learn from each interaction. Sony Network Communications shared experiences on developing deep-learning resources through internal training and Neural Network Libraries/Console.

Artificial intelligence is considered a significant technology platform that drives digital transformation across sectors. A recent report by PwC estimated that AI will add 15.7 trillion U.S. dollars to the world economy by 2030. By 2019, some 40 per cent of digital transformation initiatives will be supported by cognitive/AI capabilities.

FPT is the first enterprise in Vietnam possessing a comprehensive artificial intelligence platform. In June 2017, the company released FPT.AI, a platform for developers to create interactive native language interfaces and integrate into conversation platforms like Facebook Messenger, Enterprise-developed conversation applications and smart devices such as robots, mobile phones, and control devices. FPT.AI helps automate routine business processes to help enhance customer engagement, boost sales and marketing, and transform operations.

To date, FPT.AI has received 3.4 millions orders each month. More than 7,700 developers are developing applications based on this platform, and nearly 155,000 hours of voices have been used by FPT partners. The automated call center using text-to-speech technology of FPT.AI has conducted 750,000 calls each month and is able to conduct 15,000 calls at peak hours, equivalent to the capacity of 500 callers. Across its retail subsidiaries, FPT.AI chat-bots currently handle 70% of customer interactions, and its ID card identification technology boasts an accuracy rate of up to 94.6%.