Over 11 years of establishment (13/04/2004 – 04/13/2015), FPT branch in Ho Chi Minh city has been one of the fastest growing of FPT Software.

On the 11th anniversary celebration, FPT Software CEO Nguyen Thanh Lam FSOFT praised: “FPT HCM growth has been impressive, with more than 2000 employees from just 30 original members. I  wish FPT HCM to always maintain this growth  and focus on developing the next generation of young, dynamic staff”.

Earlier in December 2014, FPT opened F-Town 2 with the total area of 15,000 square meters is expected to provide working space for an additional 2000 employees in Ho Chi Minh city. Together with F-Town 1, the newly built F-Town 2 completed a comprehensive campus to accommodate 3000 staff in the area.

FPT Software currently has campuses in all the 3 biggest cities across Vietnam, including F-ville campus in Hanoi; FPT campus in Da Nang; F-town in Ho Chi Minh City. The company is investing in 2 others campuses: F-Ville 2 in Hanoi to complete by the third quarter of 2016 to accommodate 3,000 people, and FPT Complex to complete by the end of 2015 to host more 10,000 employees in Danang.