As a FPT tradition, the FPT 2015 New Year Festival in Ho Chi Minh city was held at the end of 2015 with nearly 1000 employees participated. This is one of many traditional events of FPT to help its employees enjoying happy time together to welcome a new year with more success and happiness. It is also an opportunity for them to enjoy FPT’s unique corporate culture.

FPT Village Festival_02

The event is a reflection of New Year holiday, where people gather together in various activities such as enjoying traditional foods like Crab Noodle, balut or beers as well as playing cultural games. Also at this FPT New Year festival, beautiful girls in Vietnamese traditional “Long Dress” (also known as “Ao Dai”) and the “Parallel sentences” are indispensable, which is a reflection of the country’s unique culture.

FPT Village Festival_01

New Year Festival has become a corporate culture for FPT people that they look forward to at every year end. It’s an event that keeps them together to look back at on last year’s activities and join hands on a promising new year.