FPT has recently developed a transportation project using GE Predix platform, which aim to reduce road fatalities, embrace driving experience and generate revenue stream. FPT Drive Solution includes three main features: Real-time driving Safety Information System, Planning Assistant/Scheduling Optimization and Predictive Maintenance.


Throughout the project, FPT has successfully applied more than half of the services provided by Predix to build the application from frontend to the backend of the system. While Predix Experience helps to build up the UI much faster, the other Predix Services such as Analytics, SQL, Time-Series and Assets make coding practice much easier.

Predix is a software platform that powers the Industrial Internet. Predix handles big data at an industrial scale and with industrial-strength security. Deployed on machines, onsite, or in the cloud, Predix drives the insights that transform and improve asset performance management (APM), operations, and business. GE Predix reached $6 billions in revenue in 2015 and this firm is keen on doubling its revenue to $15 billion by 2020.