Not long after FPT Software introduced the autonomous technology in October 2017, the competition “Digital Race 2017-2018” has been officially launched by FPT Corporation with the theme “Programming Autonomous Car”. This competition is opened to all university students in Vietnam, providing participants a chance to research and experience latest autonomous driving technology.

The winner will receive a one-week trip to Japan to learn new technologies as well as be recruited directly by FPT Software company to work in the desired field. Moreover, the excellent Top 20 will be sponsored by FPT Software company to participate in a 10-week embedded systems training course. Members who pass the final exam will be officially invited to work for the company.

This year’s contest is tougher and more challenging than the one last year, as contestants must programme their cars to be automotive capable of operating in simulated outdoor light, following traffic signs and making right/left turns.

“The first season of “Digital Race” attracted more than 500 students, affirming its attraction and practicality, helping to promote the passion of learning and executing advanced worldwide technologies for Vietnamese students. This year, FPT Corporation will support so that candidates can approach more practical problems. All applicants will have the opportunity to explore and experience the autonomous driving technology developed and provided for global automotive enterprises by FPT Corporation. Moreover, the excellent contestants will be given the chance to participate in training courses and actual projects on automation. We expect Vietnamese students will take advantage of this opportunity, be prepared with essential basics and take initiatives in the Industrial Revolution 4.0.” said Mr. Bui Quang Ngoc, CEO of FPT Corporation.