Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd. (DIR) and FPT Corporation (FPT) have signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the joint cooperation for research and development of frontier technology. According to this memorandum of understanding, the two companies will cooperate to utilize the technology strength of each side in researching and developing frontier technology solutions, focusing on the following areas: Japanese-language related AI services, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Self-driving Technologies, Blockchains.

Specifically, regarding Japanese-language related AI services, FPT will provide English and Vietnamese chatbot as part of the company’s AI service lineup. FPT is considering developing future AI services which target at Japanese corporations, and is aiming to construct a Japanese language chatbot that can handle technical terminology. DIR, which has chatbot development knowhow, will dispatch engineers to FPT’s development center in Hanoi to assist in the engine development and training processes for Japanese language chatbot.

In terms of RPA, both DIR and FPT have their own accumulated knowhow of EUC (End User Computing) and knowledge of RPA implementation which can be used to create systems for flexibly responding to customer needs. Furthermore, both companies are carrying out advanced RPA research and development in areas such as AI integration and multi-interface support with the aim of developing practical applications.

With regard to self-driving technologies, which include image recognition technology that recognizes the surrounding environment, and data analysis technology that decides appropriate actions in real time, DIR and Daiwa Securities Group will use the appropriate elemental technologies to research new services with the aim of creating applications for the financial sector with the support of FPT, which has a great deal expertise in this field.

Mr. Yoriyuki Kusaki, President, DIR said: “DIR has been providing Daiwa Securities Group with solutions that utilize cutting-edge technologies. We intend to make full use of the research and application expertise in new technologies cultivated through the provision of these solutions within all projects that fall under this new technical cooperation. Through our cooperation with FPT, we aim to further improve our knowhow in frontier technologies, and will work towards creating new value to enable an even greater expansion of information technology in Japan.”

From FPT side, Mr. Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of FPT Corporation affirmed: “This is the first time FPT has sealed its cooperation with an international research institute to develop & research on the latest technologies – the platforms of Industry Revolution 4.0. This handshake will cultivate a new pathway to leverage technologies of both companies. When speed is among the key factors to success in this Industry Revolution 4.0, this strategic cooperation plays as our motivation to accelerate speed of technology development and to quickly apply solutions and applications based on the latest technologies from the two parties’ researches into the empirical operation of enterprises across the globe”.

About DIR

Daiwa Institute of Research, a subsidiary of Daiwa Securities Group, provides sophisticated services in the areas of research, consulting, and system solutions, coordinating our capabilities in these three areas.

The system solutions division focuses on providing support for information systems that underpin the operations of each Daiwa Securities Group company. Its total-package services range from system design and construction to maintenance and operation. In Fintech, a field that combines financial and advanced technologies, we commenced the provision of stock information using an artificial intelligence (AI)-based stock price forecasting model as well as an automated Q&A service that utilizes chatbot, thus maximizing the achievements of research and studies on advanced technologies cultivated over many years for practical applications.