On 28th December, at the “ICT Trends in 2016” seminar took place in Hanoi, FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh suggested that Internet of Things (IoT) is developing faster than expected and is happening in Vietnam “in a special way”.


On the event, Mr. Binh shared that IoT is not a future prospect in the Vietnamese market. Rather, it has appeared in all aspects of human life. For example, a Vietnamese company has offered solutions to support in measuring dissolved oxygen concentrations and water clarity levels to help shrimp businesses operate more efficiently.

The above example shows that IoT has presented in Vietnam in a various scale. Each family is a consumer of IoT solutions, as they can implement solutions to save electricity, to have better security for their houses” Mr. Binh commented. “IoT is not something big or imposing. It can be only an application developed by a small group of about 5-10 people; so it is penetrating Vietnamese life in a special way, which is suitable for small groups but can yield high degree of influence to society.

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