At the Vietnam Private Economic Forum, Mr. Truong Gia Binh chaired one of the panel discussions regarding Digital Economy namely “How to promote the development of virtual economy?”. This is one among ten key topics at the event.

The Forum was held in Hanoi on June 3rd by the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association with discussions around the issues that Vietnamese enterprises are currently facing. These include Digital Economy, Agriculture-Forestry, Vocational training, Distribution & Logistics, Raising the capital, Supporting Industries, Clean Energy & Energy Saving, Integration & Globalization, Start-up & Innovation and.Linked Industry The panel discussions were coordinated and chaired by the leaders of major domestic enterprises.


Sharing at the event, FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh talked about “digital economy”, “digital revolution” and “the 4th industrial revolution” as new concepts that can re-shape the world as we know and change the way we live, work and communicate in the future.

The experts predict that the virtual world and the real world will be one. All organizations and businesses will become the digital enterprises, digital organizations; all leaders will become digital leaders, all the budget will become digital budgets and every citizen can become a digital enterprise. That will be an unprecedented revolution in human history, it will go very quickly.”, said Mr. Binh.

Mr. Binh moved on to affirm that the key element in this revolution is human resources, and shared his ideas on how Vietnamese young generation can capture the advantage of the digital world. “It’s vital that Vietnam young generation is ready to capture knowledge on new technology such as S.M.A.C, IoT. Everyone must have the ability to innovate and their distinctive value. I expect Vietnamese to be a digital entrepreneur”, Mr. Binh shared.

Binh also believes that start-up will become a major contributor to this revolution, suggesting that Vietnam should be a “start-up nation”. Recently a Vietnamese start-up has reached the final of the Silicon Valley start-up competition to raise funds from the US government. Earlier, in 2015, FPT established FPT Ventures to offer Vietnam’s technology startups opportunities to reach new heights. So far, FPT Ventures have invested more than $1 million in the startups inside and outside of the corporation.