FPT has recently marked its 31st year in business with music, colors, and even sweat as more than 4,500 employees and guests got active on a warm September day.

Departing early in the morning, dozens of buses brought the crowd to Ecopark, an urban township to the southeast of Hanoi for the ‘Color Me Run’ festival. Participants come from various subsidiaries and business units from education, telecommunication, software, etc. Here, they would be engaged in colorful cheerleading performance, dancing, and obstacle racing.  

“I have long waited for this day”, said FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh. “I see energy through our colorful T-shirts. I see innovation in the way you organize this party. So let’s cheer for innovation. Our goal is to innovate for the growth of our country, FPT, and yourselves”.

FPT has come a long way, from a team of 13 young scientists to one of the largest tech companies in Vietnam with 36,000 employees and 45 offices around the world. After 30 years of leading Southeast Asia in outsourcing services, earlier this year FPT has decided to pivot its strategy towards ‘digital transformation services” and sets to become a Top 50 digital transformation services provider. The company has served over 600 customers worldwide, 100 of which are Fortune 500 companies in the industries of Aerospace & Aviation, Automotive, Banking and Finance, Logistics & Transportation, Utilities, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Technology, and more.

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