March 13, 2017 is the 10th birthday anniversary of FAP (FPT Asia Pacific). On this occasion, FPT Software CEO Hoang Viet Anh joined the celebration ceremony with emotional speech, as he was also the first director of FPT Asia Pacific 10 years ago.

Recalling the first days of FPT Asia Pacific, FPT Software CEO Hoang Viet Anh shared, “FPT Asia Pacific’s 10th birthday brings me a very special feeling. I still remember this day 10 years ago, when I was appointed as branch director, and celebrated the branch opening ceremony with other members. Actually not until now do I realize how risky I was, because at that time we had only one soon-to-be-customer. However, FPT Software was very determined to settle down in this market . I think this showed the spirit of FPT people, as when we are determined, we dare to move even no matter how difficult things can be“.

FPT Software team 10 years ago at the FPT Asia Pacific branch opening ceremony

Sharing on the difficulty of the Singapore and Asia Pacific market compared to other developed markets such as USA, Japan, Europe, Mr. Viet Anh said:”There are two most prominent things. First is fierce competition. Second is incredibly demanding customers who require instant changes while always keeping the cost low, thus we have to be extremely flexible“.


And about the opportunity of this market, Mr. Viet Anh shared:Regarding market scale, Singapore cannot be compared to the US and Japan, simply Singapore is tiny. But Singapore has a number of superior advantages for FSOFT. Compared with the US and Japan at this time, this country is a very dynamic market, ready to test the latest things. As a result, FSOFT services on Digital Transformation are best-selling here.”