Earlier this week, FPT and the German Asia-Pacific Business Association (OAV), the largest German association for the promotion of German-Asian business relationships, have successfully hosted their first webinar on geo-diversification in IT outsourcing with 90 per cent of participants’ high satisfaction.

The webinar welcomed over 120 participants, mostly are senior executives of several companies in Europe and the Asia Pacific. The online seminar is part of FPT’s ongoing effort to help businesses mitigate COVID-19 impacts and adapt to the post-pandemic “new normal” with the best IT outsourcing practices.

During the 90-minute webinar, speakers from OAV, Schaeffler, AHK Vietnam, mgm technology partners, and FPT have zoomed into the matters of the opportunities and challenges of IT outsourcing under the influence of the coronavirus epidemic, and why Vietnam could be a promising IT outsourcing destination.

Bjorn Koslowski, AHK Vietnam’s Deputy Chief Representative, pointed out that despite minor challenges in language barrier and competition from international enterprises for talents, Vietnam still posed tremendous opportunities for German ITO companies. “For some of you, it may come as a surprise, but Vietnam really is the top location for outsourcing and offshore activities’, said Bjorn.

Case study presented by Till Gartner, mgm technology partners’ Executive Vice President, showed that beside big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang has recently observed a strong drive of international companies, making it the new promising location for foreign investors to set up their development sites.

FPT and OAV’s webinar provided participants with insights into the best IT outsourcing practices


For companies with long-term investment strategy in Vietnam like Schaeffler, the country’s visible sign towards high tech development is truly a highlight that ensure the digital transformation roadmap of the company to run smoothly. “Our basic strategy in Vietnam is a long-term investment strategy for South East Asia. We’re producing here in Vietnam high-end bearings for the rest of the world”, said Helmut Bode, Schaeffler Asia Pacific’s former CEO.

Following the speakers’ success stories and case studies, the webinar saw enthusiastic responses from the participants in the interactive Q&A session. The majority of the questions were on the struggles of companies when outsourcing to Vietnam and solutions to overcome them. The post-webinar survey also indicated that two-thirds of the attendees had shown keen interest in geo-diversification in IT outsourcing to Vietnam.

FPT Corporation Chairman, Dr. Truong Gia Binh looked forward to having more of similar events organized in the future. “I hope we continue to conduct this kind of meeting, especially in the time of COVID-19”, he said, “because in case things change, we need to communicate again and find the way to overcome the challenges.”

On behalf of FPT Corporation, Binh also pledged to become a critical partner of the businesses worldwide, especially during a time of uncertainty.

With zero death toll, Vietnam has recently been recognized by POLITICO as the world’s best COVID-19 responder, both in terms of health and economic outcomes. As Vietnam’s largest IT services provider, FPT is committed to supporting businesses worldwide with its digital technologies and solutions. The company schedules to host more online seminars like this in the future.