On 05 Dec 2016, FPT and Daiwa Institute of Research BI (DIR BI) officially announced the collaboration in providing a wide range of cloud services for enterprises with IoT related business.

Accordingly, FPT and DIR BI will be in cooperation of consulting, transitioning to public Cloud as well as providing managed services on Cloud after transformation for Japanese customers. Meanwhile, both sides will also support enterprises to build up system portfolio roadmap with highest cost efficiency applied to each stage of business development.

FPT and DIR Group have been in official cooperation since 2008. After 8 years of good relationship, both sides have jointly developed several projects in various fields for financial institutions in Japan market. The announcement of this cooperation agreement marks a new step in the partnership between two companies. In particular, FPT is not only an ordinary partner providing outsourcing services but also a solution provider for DIR.

Currently, there are still a lot of enterprises in Japan who have not actively used Public Cloud because of uncertain vision of cost efficiency or concerns related to information security or being depended to exclusive Cloud service provider, etc.

Being the leading technology corporation in Southeast Asia that is trusted by more than 400 enterprises worldwide, FPT has been applying the experiences acquired from numerous projects in almost all business sectors (transportation, finance, energy, health care, communication, education, manufacturing, retail, etc.) as well as the self-developed Citus Cloud Suite to provide services from consultation to operation maintenance on Cloud for enterprises.

With a strong team of experienced engineers in the research and development of AI, BigData, FinTech, FPT is strongly supporting the Digitalization strategy of customers.

DIR BI is a company that is currently implementing the businesses of infrastructure services related to energy management. Along with the sharply increase of data amount due to IoT business expansion, DIR BI is actively promoting the use of Public Cloud. DIR BI is a Research Institute of Daiwa Securities Corporation, offering a full-line IT service to serve the customers demand such as system consulting, system integration using advanced technologies such as virtualization, big data processing; operational services of top leading data centers, etc.

To cooperate with a high experienced company in business analysis, consulting and construction of large systems in Japan as DIR BI, FPT expects to actualize the overall advanced services supply of high quality, and contribute to the business innovation and business development of clients.