Frank Bignone, former Airbus’s Vice president and Head of Digital Transformation in Asia-Pacific and China, has been appointed FPT Software’s Head of Global Digital Transformation. He looks to bring in new “DNAs” and transform the company into a world-class IT services and Digital Transformation provider.

Previously at Airbus, he led a regional team to implement Airbus’s digital platform strategy Skywise, alongside developing strategic digital initiatives and optimize Airbus services.

At FPT Software, Bignone is responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects related to the company’s digital transformation services and products worldwide. The role is critical to the company’s strategic plan 2021-2023 in which revenue from digital transformation services is targeted to grow at an annual rate of 50 percent.

At the early stage, Bignone will focus on ramping up human resources, training people, and serving some 20 big customers across various markets.

Photo: Frank Bignone

“FPT Software people are very capable, I won’t attempt to change them. What I can do is to bring in new DNAs, freshening up their way of thinking and doing in delivery to improve business efficiency”, he said.

According to Bignone, it is important to develop big picture thinking and customer centric mindset. Too much focusing on the technical solutions (product centricity), we would be less likely to deliver what customers need.

“Digital transformation requires everyone in the company to be disciplined”, Bignone added.

“If you look at digital transformation as a project, you would be commited only for a short period of time. Project managers would only make sure that everyone is on track. But if you see it as a company-wide discipline, employees from across levels would force themselves to build life-long learning skills to maximize values for customers”.

FPT has recently decided to shift its focus onto digital transformation after two decades leading Southeast Asia in IT services. Since 2017, the company has become digital technology service partners of global leading businesses, and urged to leverage next-gen technologies for the goal to be among world’s 50 Digital Transformation companies in 2030.

Earlier in February, it has launched FPT Digital, a new subsidiary dedicated to digital transformation consulting services. The consulting arm aims to enrich FPT digital business ecosystem in three main areas: Comprehensive Digital Transformation, digital human resources, and IT systems.