Global DX Summit 2019

International speakers from global tech firms including Palantir Technologies, Google’s Deepmind have confirmed their speeches at the upcoming Global DX Summit Ha Long.

Mr. John Harris, Executive Vice President at Palantir Technologies, will be guiding the audience through the journey of digital transformation at leading corporations. Google Deepmind’s research scientist, Dr. Bui Hai Hung, will be joined by Prof. Ho Tu Bao, Professor Emeritus at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), to shed light on the role of artificial intelligence as a driver of digital transformation across industries. Dr. Hung’s technical expertise and interests include probabilistic graphical models, deep generative models, Bayesian inference and machine learning, while Prof. Bao has had more than four decades doing research and teaching in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Mining as well as Data Science.

The occasion is graced with the presence of Dr. Phuong Tram, former global Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Dupont and currently FPT’s Chief Advisor on Digital Transformation. He will be kicking off the guru talk series, sharing the best digital transformation practices and Dupont’s success story after decades on the front line. Dr. Tram led DuPont to be the avant-garde and the first company to adopt Window 365 in the world replacing Lotus Notes, hundreds of Lotus applications, collaborations environment and repository. His seamless digitization strategy helped Dupont save half of billion dollars worth of IT costs and transform the legacy systems  from 6,000 applications to 1,100 within three years.

The Global DX Summit spans three days from 25 to 27 April, featuring guru talks, extensive networking sessions, and interactive workshops on a variety of topics from digital transformation challenges to organizational readiness. The event will be a great opportunity for innovation-led businesses to get insights from industry pioneers while engaging in meaningful conversations that may help them spark innovative ideas. Following the guru talks, attendants will be invited to join group discussions that emphasize on how digital technologies could transform businesses, e.g. through customer experiences, operational excellence, and reshaping business models. Discussions will be moderated by digital experts from CapitaLand, Siemens PPAL, as well as Dr. Phuong Tram from FPT.

The Global DX Summit is an invite-only event, targeting digital transformation strategists at billion-dollar organizations from the US, EU, Japan and Asia-Pacific. Hosted by FPT for the first time, the event will gather CIOs and executives around the world to discuss how to reinvent themselves through digital technologies.

After two decades of leading Southeast Asia in IT services, FPT has decided to shift its focus onto digital transformation, starting from 2019. The company sets to be named in the world’s Top 50 digital transformation service provider within 10 years.