May 11th 2016 witnessed the signing ceremony between FPT Japan and Quest Co. Ltd. regarding the cooperation between the two companies in Microsoft Dynamics AX development. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a registered trademark of Microsoft on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).


Currently the demands for ERP package implementation in general and Microsoft Dynamics AX in particular is increasing rapidly in Japan, Asia as well as over the globe. This figure is predicted to grow further in the future. However, there is a reported shortage in the skilled resource to develop, deploy and maintain in this area in Japan.

With a skillful resource pool in offshore development and experience in deployment for global companies as well as a large number of software engineers with good Japanese skills (BrSE), FPT Software is a solution for Japanese companies looking for ERP implementation. Under these reasons, Quest decided to cooperate with FPT Software in deploying Microsoft Dynamics AX, specifically on “ ERP add-on development/ implementation”; “ERP operation & Maintenance”; “Overseas expansion of global template”. The cooperation will be under offshore development model with contact point in Japan.

More about FPT Software’s ERP Implementation offerings here.