Joining FPT Software on December 2016, Lam Thai Son was named the 10,000th employee of the company. This marks an important milestone in the development history of FPT Software as the company is moving closer to the top companies with large-scale resources in Asia and its target to have 30,000 people in 2020.


MXT_4239-e1481686684460-890x395Lam Thai Son, the 10,000th employee of FPT Software, joined the company as a software engineer in the embedded system/ automotive domain. About the reason to choose FPT Software, he shared: “With 9 years of experience in the software sector, through many positions, I noticed in particular the automotive industry, like other industries has shifted violently by the impact of the trend of new technologies such as Cloud, Internet, telecommunications infrastructure, and IoT. In Vietnam, FPT Software is now the pioneer. That is why I chose FPT Software to satisfy my passion, which is to deliver embedded software services for automotive devices. I’m thrilled by the scenario that my product will be used in automotive systems of big automobile brands in the world.

Mr. Hoang Nam Tien, Chairman of FPT Software shared: “2016 recognized several achievements of FPT Software such as the partnership with big technology players like GE, AWS or the ignition of digital transformation services for 200-billion-dollar-revenue companies; and today we celebrate the 10,000 employee milestone. This strengthens FPT Software’s position as a symbol for Vietnam’s software industry, and is a guarantee for our clients to continue our strong growth to always be your trustworthy partner.