On December 2016, FPT Software CTO Tran Huy Bao Giang joined an interview with AWS Global Training team in Las Vegas (US) emphasizing FPT Software’s huge achievements in training and acquiring AWS Certified Solution Architect.


“We focus on training, including onsite training for Architecting on AWS and Advanced Architecting on AWS. By the end of November, FPT Software has 148 certified AWS Solution Architects with 129 Associate Level and 19 Professional level”, Giang said. The number is now 239, with 197 Associate Level and 42 Professional level.

Mr. Ash Willis – Head of AWS Training APAC said AWS Training team and himself were surprised and impressed with the results as there are only a few partners were able to do that. This is one of the crucial reason that AWS Global Training decided to choose FPT Software to join their interview session during AWS re:Invent event which took place from Nov-28 to Dec-2 in Las Vegas, US.

Giang highlighted that investing in AWS Training would play an important role in FPT Software’s development roadmap. “Certification helps to validate our skills with our customers across Asia Pacific and Japan”, Giang said. “Moreover, it differentiates FPT from other competitors in the market. This also gives employees opportunities to advance further in their career path”.

When asked Giang about how FPT developed training plan, Giang shared that FPT Software worked closely with the AWS Training team to build and deliver a good and practical training strategy. Besides, FPT Software also created a training roadmap and action plan for the company’s Solution Architects.

The goal of this investment on training is to help the employee learn best practices from the experts at AWS. This Solution Architect team is a potential resource that can help customers transform their IT systems on the AWS Cloud with high security, fast and durable processing speed.

It may be considered that the training have helped strengthen our Solution Architects and Engineers, teams and FPT as a whole. The potential impact it has on our Cloud business has shown positive effects on a wide range of outcomes such as productivity, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. “Now with the abundant internal pool of AWS Certified Solution Architects, FPT can proactively rotate high performers across technology domains and into business or operational functions as well. The goal is to groom managers who can engage with business leaders as peers and can more readily solve multifaceted technology problems that span many parts of a traditional IT organization for our customers”, Giang pressed.

See full interview session at https://youtu.be/If02IQntAo8