Industrial Robotic

Delivering Industrial Robotic and beyond

Go Beyond with
our Robotic service

The operational stock of industrial robots hit a new record of
about 3 million units worldwide – increasing by 13% on
average each year (2015-2020).

FPT Software - the leading global technology and IT service
provider developing most services for industrial robotic, from
Communication Topology to Robotic Control Layer.

What makes us become distinctive

FPT Software Embedded Systems Services

High Efficiency

  • Big pool of software engineers that ensures parallel developments and short duration.
  • The company houses 25,500 employees in 27 countries, delivering services in smart factories, digital platforms, robotic process automation (RPA), Robotics, AI, IoT, cloud, augmented reality/virtual reality, business process outsourcing, and more.

FPT Software Digital Processing Services

Proven Experience

  • More than 100 engineers with extensive knowledge about robotic development, able to develop programs with high quality and handle urgent request in short time.
  • CI/CD/DevOps as the default standard for Robotic experts.

FPT Software Embedded Systems Services


  • Adaptive to customers' frequent changes in requirements.
  • Flexible working model: On-site, Offshore & Mix - Scale up at any time and anywhere.
  • Flexible business models: onshore/offshore hybrid or even BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer).

ISO 26262

Our services

1. Communication Topology

    System communication: Communication between

    robot and user application:
  • Profinet, TCP Modbus Slave,…
  • User communication: Communication between

    the robot and external devices such as machine

    tending, grippers, etc...
  • Focas, Serial, TCP socket…

2. Improve Robot Control Layer

    Increase quality system & Refactoring system:

    Core of customer business, very difficult. It

    depends on each customer, however FPT has

    experience with this layer.

3. The IDE and plugin store for User

    An IDE and a store will help user create a project for a quest or work sequence containing:
  • Robot’s configuration
  • Add/remove external devices
  • Create or linking any plugin that has been created before
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