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The term IoT, or Internet of Things, refers to the collective
network of connected devices and the technology that
facilitates communication between devices and the cloud, as
well as between the devices themselves.

From 2015 to 2019, number of IOT devices increase nearly 2
time and forecast to 2025, the in-use IOT devices can reach
around 3 time of 2019 again (75 million devices). We are
proud to have been engaged in creating innovative and useful
IoT products for the market.

What sets us apart

FPT Software Digital Processing Services

Proven Experience

  • Work fluently with all the best and most popular MCU in the world: Renesas, Microchip, STM, TI, NXP.
  • Proficient in major cloud platforms like AWS and MS Azure.
  • End-to-End IOT development service.
  • Already satisfied the most difficult customers in Europe.

FPT Software Embedded Systems Services


  • Big pool of software engineers that ensures parallel developments and short duration.
  • Optimal cost competitiveness with hybrid delivery model
  • High Energy employees desire to conquer the milestones.

FPT Software Embedded Systems Services


  • Agile working mindset.
  • Flexible business models: onshore/offshore hybrid or even BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer).
  • Open and willing for co-working with another Customer’s vendor.

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FPT Software Product Engineering Services


High quality embedded firmware - Ventilation control (VCU)

  • Base on low-energy consumption microcontrollers.
  • Working stable.
  • Apply newest ventilation control algorithm.

High quality embedded firmware - HMI control (HMI)

  • Easy to monitor/understand and control
  • User-friendly features.
  • Transit animation smoothly

Cloud Computing - Microsoft Azure platform

  • Communicate with device and Mobile APP
  • Guaranteed by Azure solution architect
  • Handle almost logic of SMART features.
  • Hight and flexible capacity.

Mobile App - React Native

  • Splendid UI/UX design.
  • Available for IPhone and Android phone with cheaper cost by using cross-platform program language.
  • Update available, support embedded POTA
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