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In 2023, Collins Dictionary named Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be “Word of the Year”. The impact of this new technology wave is evident: ChatGPT has attracted up to 1.8 billion monthly visits in March 2024. For businesses, 71% of enterprises are experimenting with real use cases for AI. The reason behind this wave is how AI can boost productivity: manual work is automated, and decision-making processes are optimized. Notably, research revealed that Generative AI can improve a highly skilled employee’s performance by 40% compared with those who do not utilize it. 

More importantly, AI capabilities extend further to the growth of the global economy. According to PwC, AI could contribute up to 15.7 trillion USD to the global economy in 2030. Acknowledging this growth, Vietnam is harnessing the momentum of AI advancements and becoming the ideal destination for AI investors. In addition to a fertile startup ecosystem and a young, adaptive, and tech-savvy population, the government has also introduced policies to make Vietnam AI’s development a reality. 

Creating Tomorrow: Generative Al and the Future of Work

Following the latest AI developments and the bright prospects of the AI landscape in Vietnam, Dr. Nguyen Xuan Phong – Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at FPT Software, is kickstarting the Talk to Experts 2024 series. 

In this episode, he will be sharing his expertise on the following topics:

  • FPT Software’s commitment with AI development and its integration across all business operations in the FPT ecosystem, aligning with the strategic directions from Chairman of FPT Corporation - Dr. Truong Gia Binh.  
  • The applications of Large Vision Models (LVM) in healthcare, pharmaceutical manufacturing, insurance, and manufacturing industries;
  • How FPT Software applied LVM called Landing Lens to detect defects in products with high accuracy;
  • How FPT Software utilized Large Code model to enhance software development productivity; and
  • FPT Software’s visions for the future of AI.

FPT Software, “as the founding member of the AI alliance”, aims to “contribute to a society where the limitless potential of AI amplifies human capabilities”.

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