According to the Nikkei xTECH – Japan’s digital media for tech community, FPT Software, together with five other Japanese IT companies, is pioneer in Robotic Process Automation in this leading nation for technology and innovation.

The article shared FPT Japan would participate in the RPA market as an offshore development vendor and officially launch support services, implementing RPA in Japan from April 2018. Accordingly, the company will support to use RPA tools such as UiPath, Kofax Kapow (Japanese Kofax), AutoPilot (Arago), train Software development skills robo through RPA tool for more than 100 developers, automating PC tasks such as data entry/ adjustment in insurance agents, contract management, mail handling, etc.

Realizing that Japanese companies consider RPA as the key to transform their business, FPT Japan has quickly dealt with difficult situations to enter the race with RPA. Deputy Director of FPT Japan Nguyen Huu Long commented: “Since last year, RPA has been a buzz word in Japan, but due to lack of resources and delays in deploying new technologies, RPA vendors and tools are still scarce. However, we have received orders from two companies and intend to expand our business in Japan, which is boosting our business in Japan to improve the situation ahead”.

The Nikkei’s finding has validated FPT Japan’s effort and capabilities of RPA technology. Over the years, FPT Japan emphasized its investment and focus on RPA by launching a full-fledged campaign on education in RPA for employees. In 2017, the company implemented RPA project for a leading Telecommunications company in Japan, in which FPT delivers a full lifecycle project to customers from taking and analyzing requests, proposing and finalizing solutions to deploying.

With RPA solutions, FPT Japan desires to enable companies to automate processes from end-to-end, transform their entire business and deliver business outcomes at a scale and pace otherwise unimaginable. As RPA earns more interests from Japanese companies, FPT Japan intends to leverage its strengths to expand the business related to RPA, paving the way for increasing opportunities and projects from prospects.

FPT Japan, with nearly 1000 employees, has established six offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Okinawa and Shizuoka. With the main delivery centre set up in the world’s most dynamic region, FPT Japan is among Vietnam’s representatives to partly devote to the transformation plan of Japan’s Society 5.0.