March 25th has been known throughout FPT Software as a day to celebrate the contribution of “onsiters” – employees who travel to and work at client’s offices as a business perquisite of the outsourcing industry. This year, FPT Software’s Chairman Hoang Nam Tien has sent a congratulatory letter to all “onsiters” all over the globe with sincere thanks for their contribution to the success of the company.

Several FPT Software's employees who are working as "Onsiters" in the US
Several FPT Software’s employees who are working as “Onsiters” in the US

The history of the company’s traditional “Onsiter Day” dated back to March 25th, 2000, when Mr. Nguyen Lam Phuong, who then became former deputy director of FPT Software and former CTO of FPT Corporation, went to the US under client’s project as the first “onsiter” of the company.

After 17 years of development, from the initial first “onsiter”, FPT Software now has more than 900 software engineers who are working onsite and working across the globe. They are the bridge to help FPT Software understand the cultural and intellectual aspects of the world.

The challenges these “onsiters” are facing in everyday life such as cultural barriers, language, different business etiquette, etc. are contributing to create the generation of young software engineers of FPT Software, who are willing to learn new things, willing to  test themselves under difficulties and are ready to seize opportunities from globalization.