The Client

The client is a Japanese multinational engineering and electronics conglomerate corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan; was founded in 1938 and having more than 200,000 employees.

Business Need

The client was assigned by a leading Japanese supermarket chain to build an application tailored to the needs of old customers. The app should enable easy online shopping and social media features like notifications, communication and photo sharing. Because the new application was to be built into the AWS cloud environment, the implementation demanded high experience and expertise in cloud solution services.

The Solution

  • FPT Software chose AWS cloud environment and created an architecture design which was verified and tested. The architecture was then coded and tested leading to the execution of an acceptance test.
  • To address the problem of weak system performance and low data transfer volumes FPT integrated the Cloud environment with a server site including a module to manage the in-out traffic of the system.
  • The end-user can enter the finished system via a set top box or a smartphone while BOM is entered through a web client.

The Benefits

  • The client was able to successfully built and implement an application tailored to the requirements of the end-user.
  • The new shopping platform including social media features is now available for thousands of users making life easier. The end-user harvests the benefits of the high scalability and performance of the AWS cloud that easily processes complex and large amounts of data.