The Client

A client is an entity that is authorized to interact with the blockchain. This is the “Share Management System”.

Business Needs

To build a system which uses Blockchain technology, we utilize existing system, “Share Management System”. Share Management System has following functions:
  • Share management: You can register share type information, Shareholder information and shares transferring information between the shareholders.
  • Corporate action (Dividend Payment): You can manage Dividend Payment information. You can register the payment status to each shareholder.
  • Reporting : You can create various reports like shareholder list report, shares transferring information list and so on.


  • We convert existing system into the system which uses Blockchain technology. Our purpose is not improving current operation or system.
  • FPT is responsible for Blockchain platform technical support, solution architecture.
  • We use Hyperledger Fabric v1.0 to Bring Improved Transactions, a Pluggable Data Store, Better Scalability and Security.

The Benefits

We will build Share Management System using Blockchain middleware with the aim of confirming following things:
  • To acquire development skill of Blockchain technology through developing the application which uses Blockchain technology.
  • To build a Blockchain node in Yangon and confirm the effectiveness of the Blockchain in Myanmar.
  • To confirm if there are any constrains in terms of Blockchain system operation.