The Client

The client is a well-known retailer and wholesaler in Japan with more than 300 stores all over the country. The company masters online and offline shopping regarding media and reading products. More than 30,000 transactions are carried out per day.

Business Needs

With such a large amount of transaction every day in 300 stores, the client needs a system to manage them 24/7 on cloud. The system needs to be capable of dealing smoothly with transactions of hundreds of users (accounts) using the system concurrently and continuously in 24 hours to sync with actual operation in stores. When this system goes live, it will be applied massively for all 300 retail stores of the client. The project team had to test thoroughly to detect and fix any potential errors that may happen in reality with such complicated operation of the client’s business. Manual testing faces a wide range of difficulties such as:  Huge effort of time, resources and cost are required.  Finishing testing on massive 200+ accounts stands high chances of risks.  Human error is inevitable in manual testing

The Solution

FPT Software proposed RPA technology instead of manual testing, to test automatically in user-acceptance-testing (UAT) environment, simulate the actual operation of the client’s business when 100 users are using the system at the same time. Human-free robot ensured the testing to be run 24/24 regardless of day or night.

The Benefits

 Significantly save time, resources and cost as robot is equivalent to 100 testers working incessantly in 24 hours.  Increase productivity as robot is able to detect & fix potential risk in advance before the system goes live in all 300 stores.  Reduce human error to zero, enhance trust of client on FPT.  Robot is reusable for next phase, next projects, thus save further effort and cost in the future.

Technology used

.Net, Java, Oracle, MySQL, AWS, VB.Net, Aurora