The Client

A non-profit healthcare organization with hospital campuses in Mountain View, California and Los Gatos, California. Their hospitals have served communities in the South San Francisco Bay Area for more than 50 years.

Business Needs

The client wanted to develop a mobile application that supports getting and receiving information from patients at home. The application was supposed to:
  • Provide new mobile service to patients;
  • Four months time-to-market;
  • Optimize user experience;
  • Cross platforms and devices;
  • Low cost of maintenance;
  • Leverage on current investments;


  • Limited timeframe demanded the application be right the first time
  • Application would be used across multiple device types, screen sizes and OS


Close interaction and onsite management and reviews resulted in only 1 UAT session and an early delivery
FPT employed HTML5 and responsive user interface design techniques  to successfully tackle this challenge
  •  Apply FPT Platform selection matrix to select HTML 5 as primary platform and select system architecture.
  • Apply User Centered approach and responsive design.
  • HTML5, CSS3, Google Map API, Visual Studio 2010, MVC  is driven technologies


The application was widely installed on iOS devices (iPhone & iPad), Android Devices (DROID 2, Galaxy S series, HTC Android phones) without complication.
  • Legacy system remained unchanged , reducing cost and delivery time, yet still delivered a modern feel to users;
  • On-time to guarantee 4-months time-to-market;
  • Application Accepted after ONE round of UAT;