The Client

The client is one of largest local diversified FMCG companies in the region. They manufacture and distribute a wide range of food and beverage products, including soya sauce, fish sauce, chili sauce, instant noodles, instant coffee, instant cereals and bottled beverages. Over the past several years have seen their business considerably growing.

Business Needs

The customer was facing a scalability challenge with their Oracle Database Cluster. They had approximately 1.5 TB (600 million rows) of data and 200+ lines query which were run on Oracle database 11g cluster. Due to complicated report queries, it took 40 – 50 minutes for the system to run. The data was expected to grow 10 times in the next 2 – 3 years, it was vital that the client enhance the query performance from 40-50 minutes down to only 4-5 minutes to create headroom for the upcoming growth. A major implementation was of Oracle relational database to AWS’ Redshift capability. Project goals were to massively improve performance, and also reduce cost.


FPT completed the re-architecting of systems to be able to adapt to AWS infrastructure which consisted of full SQL compliant and ran fast on aggregate queries. 500 tables from Oracle were migrated to AWS Redshift by using Amazon Data Migration Service (DMS). The client’s performance has gained on average 5X, with a range of 2X to 10X across applications. Cost was reduced by 3X.

Technologies Used

• Amazon Redshift • Amazon Kinesis • Amazon S3 • Amazon EC2