The Client

The customer is one of the largest insurance companies in Asia which has been helping people to protect their possessions, themselves and their families, and look after their money for about 100 years.

The Business's Needs

The paperwork process for customer’s insurance claims has many issues since it is labor-intensive. Once customer submit papers such as hospital admission, hospital expense bill, … which are not the same forms and contain complicated information in different hospitals, the employees have to check whether the files are the right forms and the information in each file is correct. This is time consuming and not optimized labor resource’s capacity, furthermore, causes mistakes when checking and assessing papers.

The Solutions

FPT applies auto OCR to read forms automatically, then develops an engine that can export information from form’s fields to database system and classify medical documents. If the uploaded file is wrong, it'll notice and reject immediately. The information from a correct file will be automatically extracted for the employee to check easily.

The Benefits

Applying OCR to solve issues of customers' insurance claims helps reduce workload for employees and increases accuracy significantly, which a human employee cannot complete within seconds.