The Client

The client is a global leader in a wide range of areas including Chemical, Agriculture, Materials Science, Industrial biotechnology, etc. Especially the company ranks number 3 in Top 50 US Chemical Producer.

Business Needs

Previously the client implemented Lotus Notes which was the onlyplatform that allowed knowledge sharing on the global scale at that time. Over the period, the company developed a number of 7,000 sophisticated Notes-based applications, which gradually created a lot of confusion and slowed down the process. Hence, the client decided to make a transition from Lotus Notes to other platform. As Lotus Notes is an obsolete system which requires old generation of developers to migrate. Sharepoint is more beneficial as it’s new, lean and easier to migrate.


FPT Software first conducted a thorough assessment and analytics of theexisting Notes applications to determine the costs and benefits associating with migrating them to SharePoint. Based on the result, the project team began to migrate applications, develop systems and management service. FPT Software had the system migrated to SharePoint with minimum efforts and at a reasonable cost, all of which were resulted from FPT’s cost-effective & proven resources including experienced workforce and Citus™ Migration Suite - their own data migration tool.


FPT Software helped the client save cost by eliminating the unnecessary licensing expenses for 500 sophisticated applications. With the new lean and efficient system, the client also enhanced sales productivity and employee flexibility. The client successfully adopted the advanced platform – SharePoint, driving digital business and catching the new wave of technology. Transition to Sharepoint helped the client to save cost as license of Lotus Notes was pretty pricey.

Technologies used

  • Lotus Notes
  • SharePoint

Team size

50 people


02 years