The Client

The client is a multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Japan with a massive data storage. As of 2017, it employed 364,445 employees globally and produced more than 10 million vehicles per year.

Business Needs

A large number of customer’s documents, especially technical designs and drawings, were mainly stored in the forms of scanned copy or hard copies. The client would like to: • Digitize these documents to improve the storage and data efficiency by adopting Artificial Intelligence and advanced OCR technology; and • Maximize the value of data for key business decisions and process optimization.


Apart from data processing services such as image processing and data entry, FPT developed a solution which combines AI and human to ensure 100% correct results. After scanning paper drawings from data storage, AI extracted data into a CVV file, which stored the designs features such as patterns, dimension value and position, using advanced OCR technology. Employees then confirmed and edited the results from OCR. These reviewed data would help to enhance AI assistant's performance. AI assistant converted and published data in e-book formats and supported multiple devices including PC, tablets, laptops and smartphones… Case study: FPT Solution with AI assistant and OCR Technology for Data Storage

The Benefits

No more heavy paper-work. The AI-assistant could optimize and inherit the value derived from the past technical designs and solutions. With self-developed tools as well as a team specialized in AI and OCR technology, the client has achieved: • Improved work efficiency and productivity. • Cost reduced by up to 20%. • Accurate and qualified content conversion. Interested in our AI services? Click here to learn more.