Business Needs

The Client is an innovative Australian company specializing in digital  content display technologies. One of the solutions that they are looking to develop is a digital-out-of-home system that would help businesses improve engagement with end-users by providing dynamic and personalized digital ad-content on smart tables.

The Solution

The system would be divided into three main components: an application which is deployed on smart tables and in charge of interacting and collecting facial data of end-users; a content management system to manage and control content published to end-users and the AWS-based infrastructure which is responsible for storing files, managing relational database, sending notifications from the CMS to the application and managing access to the CMS. The cloud infrastructure also ensures accessibility, flexibility and scalability for the system With in-depth experiences in application development and cloud computing, FPT was tasked with developing the customer-facing application and designing the AWS-based infrastructure to ensure fulfilment of business requirements and facilitate future enhancements.

The Benefits

  • The solution is expected to help numerous businesses improve customer engagement and ad efficiency by enabling real-time tracking of customer demographics and behaviors towards ad content.
  • The solution was developed in a timely and cost-efficient manner.