The Client

The Client is a leading multinational bank operating in various countries, including Australia and New Zealand. With decades of history in providing , the bank has been trusted by customers from around the world.

Business Needs

As part of their global digitalization strategy, the Client was looking to release a comprehensive digital banking solution which was expected to replace bank tellers and assist customers in any requests and/or functions. The new system was expected to be available in both mobile and web applications.


FPT was entrusted with the task of working alongside the Client’s internal team to develop the new digital  banking system, including the deployment of the AWS-based infrastructure to accommodate the scalability and flexibility needed of the system, and the full stack development of two functions - “Making payments” and “Creating saving accounts”. The project also witnessed the development teams’ effective collaboration to integrate different functions and ensure the timeliness of the system’s release.

The Benefits

Speeding up the time-to-market of the system Speeding up the time-to-market of the system, thereby maintaining the Client’s competitiveness edge over other banks.
A significant reduction of the Client’s operational costs The successful deployment of the system, coupled with FPT’s cost-efficient effort, has resulted in a significant reduction of the Client’s operational costs.