The Client

A Japanese company, currently working in car manufacturer, is in need of creating the features and attribute data necessary for automatic driving and driving support.

Business Needs

Detailed requirements concludes:
  1. Trajectory correction: Correct the measurement data due to the difference in installation position between the GPS and the camera/laser
  2. Registration: Correct the measurement error when measuring the same line multiple times
  3. Line segment data creation: Create state (line segment) that can be used for feature maintenance from laser information (point group)
  4. 3D feature adjustment: Maintain 3D feature to be acquired by dialogue based on position information of line segment
  5. Attribute adjustment: Align the 3D feature acquired by Lane NW

The Solutions

Self-developing automations tools that allows smooth the process of analyzing recorded images.

The Benefits

We have successfully met the requirements by delivering comprehensive and automated process that: