The Client

The client is a leading web font service provider. Their service is used to provide fonts for a large number of web sites.

Business Need

  • The client wants to develop a web font service as SaaS and It must support all major Eastern languages (Japanese, Chinese and Korean), all types of devices and browsers, and every font format.
  • Service quality and performance is of utmost importance.
  • Very fast time to market: under 4 months for all implementation and testing.

The Solution

  • Have experts break down the sample font file with binary and text-based editing tools and document their format
  • Manually map and document all data structures
  • Leverage multiple optimization mechanism, with regular profiling and performance testing

The Benefits

  • The client has saved considerable capital and operating expenditure by moving to the AWS Cloud.
  • The success of this project with FPT allows the company to focus on building its organization to be more dynamic and responsive.
  • The client‚Äôs IT team and its users can spend less time worrying about cost and access to systems and servers, and spend more time on innovation.