The Client

    • Neopost is the European leader and the number two world-wide supplier of mailing solutions. With 6,200 employees in 31 countries, the France-based company serves over 800,000 customers and generates €1.113 billion in 2014.

The Challenge

      • Neopost needed a system to help them collect and store data about customers and businesses all over the world. The new system was also expected to analyze the gathered data and extract valuable information. With a big network of customers and subsidiaries worldwide, the data amount was anticipated to be enormous; thus high scalability and availability were important features of the new system.

The Solutions

        • With the assistance of FPT Software, the client chose AWS, being a well-established infrastructure offering high performance and cost-efficiency, as the most suitable solution.
        • The idea of a web-based application – Neostats- for data clustering, warehousing and analyzing was put forth by FPT. The system was divided into 3 main parts with corresponding functions: Authorization & authentication; data collecting & storing; and data analyzing, all of which are built on AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to boost the scalability and availability of the system. The web-based frontend was developed on HTML5 and used for security logging, reporting and data visualization. Amazon Route 53 was utilized to connect users to Neostats. User logging, personal and permission data are stored and retrieved from MongoDB and ElasticSearch,
        • Neostats’ collects raw data on global markets and customers through AJAX and stores them in MongoDB and Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3). After being analyzed and indexed by Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), persistent data are to be stored at Amazon S3 and whereas temporary and realtime data are kept at Amazon DynamoDB which allows easy storing and retrieving. To make Neostats’ reports friendly to all kinds of stakeholders and purposes, Amazon Relation Database Services (RDS) was implemented to run a fully featured relational database while automating database administration.

The Benefits

        • With FPT’s assistance, Neopost has successfully deployed a highly scalable and available system in AWS Cloud, which enables collecting, storing and analyzing data. The flexible yet sustainable infrastructure of AWS allows the customers to get realtime insight into countries sales status, end-users behaviors and extract valuable data from social content in forms of charts, reports and statistics.