The Client

The customer is a market leader in the logistics of electric precision parts, OA machinery, telecommunication equipment, electronics and machine parts.

Business Need

The client deeded to improve pick-up time and efficiency for day-to-day business operations of retrieving different types of goods from different warehouses.

The Solution

  • Conducted consulting & assessment phase of Automated Data Analytics service
  • Discovered root cause of inefficiency in the stocking process by analyzing historical travel log data to reveal factors impacting pickup times, specifically for each type of goods.
    • Loading goods to shelves showed the most impact to pick-up time as loading was managed by a set of basic rules that were fixed and outdated.
  • Designed an algorithm to calculate warehouse‚Äôs remaining space to provide engine with ability to recommend optimization of goods loading to shelves.
  • Base on output from EDA, FPT has designed and implemented two solutions :
    • Automatically analyzed data to calculate remaining space in warehouse at any point of time.
    • AI engine to recommend optimized goods loading options for a specific type of goods in a specific warehouse status at specific points of time.

The Benefits

Reduced pickup time by 15%. Data Analytics for Warehouse Optimization - Monitor chart Data Analytics for Warehouse Optimization - Monitor chart Data Analytics for Warehouse Optimization - Monitor chart

Client Testimonial

After the first phase, the customer highly appreciated analysis competency of FPT team and would like the team  to work on another assessment process, aiming at:
  • Build a plan to implement location optimization solution into production.
  • Continue detecting other pain points that we can solve for customers