The Client

The customer is a Japanese company that is working in financial and banking. The client is interested in Blockchain technology.

Business Needs

FPT and the Customer take partnership to build a platform using Interledger environment connecting multiple block chains within a company on cloud (We support POC with monthly license fee). Interledger environment that connects block chains between companies. Operate a portal site where each company can know the block chain service of other companies. In the future, it realizes a function that can receive recommendation as to which synergistic effect will be obtained if a company connects with which Blockchain service of another company.


FPT proposed a cooperation with the customer to build the Interledger platform that connects Ethereum, Hyperledger and Bitcoin. FPT will be in charge of building the operation portal.

The Benefits

  • To reduce redundancies across the entire banking, enterprise Blockchain.
  • Save cost for system integration.
  • Connect Blockchain to Blockchain.