The Client

Customer is one of the leading port operators in Vietnam and ranked in the top 25 in the world.

Business Needs

After investigating their business processes, there are many processes can be improved effectively. One of the improvements is the interactive method to customer. When customers need to contact to import/export goods at the port; have problems in the process of completing the custom documents; or query about their order process; they will call to the port call center. The company supports customer via emails, chat or direct calls (unofficial). These communication methods are not standardized and professionalized yet, the provided information which depends on each advisor/ counselor may be misleading.

The Solutions

The customer would like FPT to build a chatbot to standardize the interactive method by answering in a fixed, well-written format. The chatbot application module has the function of managing administrator list. When it does not understand the question or when the customer requests to meet the staff, it will send information to the admin.

The Benefits

Responding time is significantly fast, within only one second, the standard answers in 2 languages Vietnamese and English make customer caring system more professional. Moreover, this chatbot serves 24/7, reduces effort for employees and improves their productivity.