The Client

Our customer is an American global logistics company and a provider of supply chain management solutions.

Business Needs

With the desire to expand the market and increase its presence to every corner quickly and economically, the Client is exploring a new business model. Instead of self-developing local delivery systems, they will use local vendors who have an extensive store or warehouse network. These vendors help them to (1) store parcels temporarily and (2) deliver the parcels to the Consignees. But the problem is that they need an effective solution to collaborate with local vendors, to assign jobs and track delivery status.


To solve this problem, FPT Software has helped the Client to develop a Carrier Integration Management System. This system provides a collaboration platform for 4 objects: Client Admin- Vendor Admin- Driver and Consignee.

A standard Delivery flow at Consignee Address is like this.

  1.  The task of the Client Local Admin is simple
    • Start her daily work by importing a Job list file.
    • View today's jobs number
    • View assigned jobs which are automatically assigned to vendors and vendor stores by auto-matching deliver address and store coverage.
    • Assign a job manually if needed.
    • Send parcels to the Vendor stores.
  2. Then, the Vendor Admin will check parcels to be delivered to consignees and assign drivers.
  3.  The Driver will receive delivery info through a notification on his mobile app. He may accept or refuse the order. If he refused, another driver would receive the order.
    • Once he has got the parcel, he scans its barcode to confirm shipping and delivers it.
  4. At the same time, the Consignee receives delivery notification through mobile SMS. The Consignee can visit a web portal to change the time or switch to Delivery at Store option.
    • When the package has come, the driver is scanning the package to confirm delivery completion.
    • The consignee signs on the driver's app to confirm receipt. Then he immediately receives a confirmation SMS and a link for service rating. The order completion information is then sent to the Client's core delivery management system.
In addition, the system has other useful management functions for each object.  

Delivery Flow at Store

In other cases, the consignee may prefer to pick up the parcels at FPT Retail's stores. The driver's role is no longer available.  

Drop off Flow

Drop-off packages for delivery can also be received at the Vendor Stores.   Technologies Used
  • Framework: .Net (Microsoft)
  • Backend: C#
  • Database: MySQL
  • Web client: Angular (Google)
  • Mobile client: Xamarin Cross Platform (Microsoft)

The Benefits

The platform makes the collaboration of our customer with local vendors,  job assignment and delivery status tracking EASY.
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Brand expansion
  • Customer satisfaction