Business Needs

FPT was entrusted with the task of implementing SAP Business One in the cloud for the client’s Accounting Department. The client requested FPT’s support in IT administration and operations and take care of everything associated with the company’s cloud presence.

FPT's Delivery

FPT manages all servers, services, networking, security, upgrades and maintenance transparently: using EBS to host the application and database and Terminal server and S3 to store the backup files:
  • Deployment
  • SAP Infrastructure and Application Monitoring
  • Backup & Restore, Disaster Recovery
  • DevOps
  • Audit Management
  • Security Management; (Firewall Configuration, File Permissions, Windows OS Patching, Server Hardening, Encrypted File System, Key Management, SSO and Federated Identity)
  • Log Management

Values for Customer

The client has had the infrastructure on AWS Cloud ready within 24 hours with a very small budget by our highly trained and Amazon certified engineers, architects and administrators.