The Client

A leading provider of digital television entertainment services, which offers digital television service to customers in the United States and Latin America, featured in Fortune 500.

Business Needs

For the purpose of intensifying the research & development work to improve services quality and better serve end-users, the client wanted to set up an ODC with FPT Software to provide (i) highly skilled resources with cost competitive advantage; and (ii)Infrastructure in terms of security to protect all business and technology secrets and intellectual properties of the client;


• FPT Software and the client came to an official alliance and the ODC was started in 2011 to meet the client’s business needs. The ODC has been offering the clients with:
o Recommendation &  Personalization: solutions to record and analyze end-users behavior patents, then generate recommendation based on their patents;
o Program Guide:  guide solutions that help end-users navigate broadcast, time-shifted, OTT and VOD content on multiple devices and platforms. FPT Software team provides Embedded Application Development, Performance Tuning, Mobile & Voice Control Program Guide, Cloud Service Integration;
o Content Management: Data Analytics; Data Ingest & Consolidation;
o Broadcast Center Traffic Management: Managing channel and program information which is distributed  to  the entire Broadcast system;  Schedule info to make playlists  to be broadcasted;
o Artificial Intelligence: Natural Language Understanding (NLU), State Machine and Refinement Detection;
o Professional QA Testing: Automation Testing, System Testing, Performance Testing;
• The working process in these projects is compatible to the CMMi-level 5 software development process of FPT Software, with some customization to meet the client’s needs.


After 3 years in operation, the ODC has grown in terms of quantity and quality: the ODC now has over 300 experiences engineers in the industry of Broadcasting; and the services
• The client is able to leverage Vietnam’s advantages in cost and high skilled IT human resources  to strengthen the research and development activities under budget.
• The client has successfully implemented various R&D projects to enhance services quality without increasing the expenses;

Technologies Used

Java/J2EE, Web services, EJB, Hibernate, Spring, JMS, Cloudera Hadoop
iOS, Android, Windows Phone, HTML5, Integrated Platforms, Oracle SOA, Coherence
Java, C/C++, Machine Learning SVM , WSAT,  Starlite, Rational Robust, Open STA, Jmeter