The Client

The client is the Retailed Banking Application provider who has been in Vietnam for about 10 years. They have been providing several Vietnamese commercial banks with their solutions. The client was selected to implement an Internet Banking application to the Industrial Commercial Bank of Vietnam (Incombank now Vietinbank) – one of the four largest State-owned commercial banks in Vietnam with total assets accounting for one fourth of the market share of the whole Vietnamese banking system. The client already had an Internet Banking application, which was implementing at several oversea banks. The application, however, did not have some features required by Incombank, such as Bill Payment and Security Purchase. The client then decided to outsource 2 modules Bill Payment and Security Purchase to FPT Software.

Business Needs

The customer wanted to set up an Internet Banking application as a means of retaining increasingly sophisticated customers, of developing new customer base, and of capturing a greater share of depositor assets. This emerging trend of banking allows customers to do their banking outside of bank hours and perform banking transitions electronically without visiting the institution.


  • The payment is optimally executed electronically in real time. The user will also have the ability to manage payments from any computer with a web browser, and various options for searching one's recent payment history.
  • Security of financial transaction when being executed from some remote location and transmission of financial information over the air are the most complicated challenges that need to be taken seriously to avoid any possible fraud cases. 


FPT Software took a holistic approach to the project and worked closely with the client’s business and user team to design and implement functional specifications for the Bill Payment and Security Purchase. FPT Software’s team was involved in all life-cycle stages of the project, from requirements definition to coding and subsequently, production support. The application was designed to be scalable so that it could service a large number of concurrent users with 24/7 availability and advanced security features. Since only a feature rich service could help the client stay ahead of its competitors, FPT Software used 'cutting edge' technologies like online intelligent forms, real time interfacing with internal systems, and multi-currency support.


  • The project helped the client to move ahead of competition in the area of internet banking.
  • The two modules migrated smoothly with the Internet Banking application to provide a robust foundation for conducting online transactions in a secure environment.
  • At present, the electronic bill payment system can also allow users to schedule payments in advance to be made on a specified date or manage payments from anywhere around the clock.
  • The solution also means the bank did not need to set up another standalone application, thus saving costs and making the Internet Banking application more manageable. 

Technologies Used

MS Visual Basic 6.0, MS Visual C++, Crystal Report 8.5, Oracle 9i, Visual SourceSafe, FSOFT Management Tool, MS Excel, Windows 2000 Workstation, Windows 2000 Advanced Server.