The Client

The client is the world's largest hardware manufacturer engaged in information technology products and solutions. The company designs, develops, manufactures computers and computer-related products, servers and networking and storage products as well as software. It also provides infrastructure, cloud, application, and business process services. The company has made acquisitions with technology firms, with the aim of expanding their portfolio from offering computers only to delivering complete solutions for enterprise customers.

Business Needs

Manufacturing and marketing millions of computers every year, the company received a massive volume of data which is up to over billion events per day generated by users. The data was not centralized but scattered, causing data scientists and analysts timing and effort issues while processing enormous amounts of data manually. Hence, the global manufacturer desired to build an ecosystem platform on Cloud technology that allows data storage and analysis, serving as Data-as-a-service. Based on data inspection, the company would be able to detect technical problems related to their products, evaluate user performance and propose appropriate business strategies.


FPT offered an IoT solution on Microsoft Azure where all data is concentrated, ingested and visualized. Raw and unstructured data from multiple sources within different formats were centralized on the Data Lake, so that data scientists and analysts could extract and interpret. The data generated was then analysed to provide information on business operation and computer performance, serving for BI (business intelligence) reports, machine learning and product research. Additionally, the platform created an automated mechanism for data: ingestion, transformation, aggregation to visualization, helping display data into charts by connecting BI tools with Reporting DB.

The Benefits

The client's business challenge in data processing has been solved with FPT's IoT solution. The use of data has benefited the global hardware manufacturer tremendously in driving operational efficiency, developing data-driven business strategy and improving the customer experience.
  • The INSIGHT platform and DaaS allow data scientist/ analysts to extract, investigate and visualize data more quickly and accurately no matter how many terabytes of data and where is is stored. As the automated solution helps to shorten data processing phases, the overall effort has been reduced 60 per cent compared to previous years‚Äô. In this way, productivity throughout the company has been improved while costs are driven down.
  • With easier access to data and metrics, the manufacturer is able to provide appropriate and profitable business strategies and product creation based on analytics reports. That the company analyses data to get customers‚Äô behavior facilitates the understanding and optimising customer experience as well as product management. This plays a key role in anticipating market needs and trends to provide inventive products in the future.