Business Needs

Client is one of the top Japanese online super market that specializes in top quality food. They did not have the in-house capability to manage their systems. They urgently required a new service provider capable of picking up the support where it had been left off, including several projects which were only part-way to completion.


Understanding the significance of the issues at hand, client chose FPT to take over the web serves, cloud infrastructure with the goal of not only managing and bringing structure to the technology environments but more importantly enhancing them to make them more competitive in the marketplace. Before it could take over the systems, FPT performed a complete assessment of the technology environment. FPT also brought in experts as well as self-developed internal platforms and tools to maintain and monitor their whole system including: EC2 amazon linux server; Oracle databases; MySQL databases; SVN; Gitbucket; Redmine. FPT took over the system operations and continued to optimize based on customers’ demand

The Benefits

The large and complex systems are successfully integrated and maintained in AWS within the committed time:
  • Improved work efficiency and productivity up to 50%.
  • Cost reduction of up to 30%.
  • Constructing a 24-7 service.
  • Customers‚Äô concentration on their core business.