The Client

The client's business has more than 13,000 employees, and shared services departments with more than 300,000 processed tickets per year.

Business Need

The manual process of handling IT setup and procurement requests for over 300,000 tickets per year required lots of time and effort. Same input data could not be reused but re-entered. Inputting requests into the system was time-consuming and request status could not be tracked.

The Solution

With the support of akaBot, an application has been built to automate the manual activities. The akaBot would define data input templates for each system, fill request data into templates automatically, run periodically to check request status and send notifications advising users of update status.

The Benefits

The customer now has a 24/7 Shared Services Center. The center has reduced 40% processing time and 30% human effort,minimized human errors to 1% to improve customer satisfaction.