The Client

Client is a multinational Healthcare Service & Device company headquartered in the USA. They want to upgrade their business efficiency by providing a platform where their hospital customers can access and perform tracking on their patients’ medical adherence.

Business Needs

  • Client has an idea for creating a new platform that allow “patient” to manage their Assessment & Intervention, monitor their schedules and input data for dosage. The platform provides a wide variety of tools that help to manage dosage adherence and other information regarding to Insulin, or blood glucose. The platform is intended to be sold to pharmaceutical companies in the US where the product is used by doctors, caregivers, nurses, etc.
  • The product is a trigger for a 5-year roadmap with overall approach in long-term and budget plan for implementation of “Healthcare Digitalization Platform”.


  • Design architecture, discuss solution with third party stakeholders to finalize project architecture and implementation plan.
  • Conduct the technical assessment and provide comparison overview between many technological stacks applied in this project.
  • Provide implementation, maintenance and planning with full package for this project.
  • Provide the roadmap with 2 phases from used MVP.


  • FPT provided a comprehensive solution with full stack requirement, design, implementation, verification and maintenance for the client.
  • FPT helped the client to enhance their business strategies and value chains forwarded to their customers and onwards.