This AI-powered Acne Diagnosis product is developed as a tool for mass public.

Business Needs

In order to meet the demand of serving in-need patients at anywhere and anytime, and also to support academic purposes, we co-operate with top doctors and technological experts in dermatology to develop a system for skin examination and treatment called Deepclinics. AI-powered Acne Diagnosis

The Challenges

Patients’ pain points
  • Dangerous of self-treatment: Dermatological patients tend to buy medicine and self-treat. It is because skill diseases can sometimes be very sensitive or make patients lose confidence to communicate. While some others underestimate their skill condition. As a result, many cases become severe and difficult to cure.
  • Needs of initial examination and treatment: All patients should receive an initial examination. 70-80% of them turn out to be mild cases and do not require an offline examination but a basic diagnosis and treatment recommendation.
  • The offline examination takes a lot of time, effort & finance: moving, registration, waiting, high cost of direct examination.
  • It is very difficult to meet leading specialists.
Doctors’ pain points
  • The records of the hospital's medical examination and the patient's examination book are independent. Therefore, the medical examination information is easily lost, not adequately stored, and not updated.
  • Doctors and patients can hardly keep connected to ask questions, monitor the progress of the disease and remind follow-up schedules.


  • Patients uploading photos on the web app and receive AI diagnosis results.
  • Record is saved and transferred to be confirmed by the doctor.
  • Doctor confirms the results, asks questions and requests re-examination appointment or other tests.
  • Patients receive results from doctors, ask questions if yes.
  • Monitoring system reminds patients to adhere to treatment until completely cured.
AI-powered Acne Diagnosis

The Benefits

  • Deepclinics is an AI-powered skincare system that allows dermatologists to diagnose and assess skin lessons from images sent from patients.
  • It also provides storage of EMR and continuous connections between patients and doctors in order to assist the treatment process.
  • It is convenient and cost and time saving.
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The Technology

Development: Java spring boot, maven, TensorFlow (AI), OpenCV. Web Framework: Angular 7 and Bootstrap 4 Database: MySQL