Business Needs

Client is a confectionery, food, and beverage company with more than 4000 employees. Client needs to keep pace with their fast-growing business, with the opening of more than 300 000 stores and increasing suppliers across Vietnam. Client recognized that their existing distribution management system, which was unscalable, slow to respond would frustrate, rather than facilitate, its plans for growth. They felt it was the right time to accelerate to become a digital enterprise and the first bold move was moving to cloud. Client needed to quickly migrate its systems to cloud within just a few months and without any business disruption as it was during peak time of the season.

The Solution

FPT assessed the suitability and conducted a migration feasibility analysis for the whole distribution management system, which managed more than 200 suppliers and had 2100 users. After thorough assessment, FPT recommended client to select Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its public cloud. Being the first ASEAN- headquartered AWS Premier Partner, FPT was well positioned to guarantee the company’s success, with its more than 500 AWS-certified cloud professionals, its deep 7-year relationship with AWS, and its set of industrialized tools for maximizing client’s cloud investment and optimizing AWS transformations. Besides, client could take full advantage of FPT’s proven delivery methods and intense experience in managing infrastructures and applications for clients around the world. Given the client’s fundamental requirements around delivery time, security and quality, FPT built a set of target state recommendations and designed a roadmap for migration. The roadmap was prioritized based on complexity, criticality, cost savings, and level of effort. Following that roadmap, FPT migrated the system in 3 phase while utilizing native services including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon DynamoDB. The whole system including 50 complex workloads and 2000 database was migrated in 6 months. FPT leveraged automated software solutions and industrialized migration tools to foster a seamless and cost-effective transition. FPT also provided automated tools and managed services to ensure that client’s AWS infrastructure and end-user technical support would be in good hands throughout three-year outsourcing arrangement.

The Benefits

The whole new system went live with cloud environment that make their business more capable of responding quickly and efficiently to market opportunities and suppliers’ demands. The speed and quality of the migration was remarkable. FPT ensured business continuity and minimized issues that the company’s IT support team had to deal with during the transition. After moving to the cloud, the performance of their system boosted by 180%. Client was able to keep track of all of their business activities in a prompt and easy way, keep their distribution channels and sales staff under control, reduce time needed to handle requests from suppliers by 40%, through which increase orders by 30%. Besides, client now enjoys the benefit of having a single point of contact managing, maintaining and continually monitoring its infrastructures, applications and cloud platform. These managed services have reduced the amount of time it takes to resolve IT issues from days to hours.